The Definitive Women’s Career Re-Launch Course

A complete online course designed to get you back into the workforce.

The Prepare to Launch U Program

Prepare To Launch U’s Career Re-entry Course is a complete online program designed to guide you through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce after opting out to care for family. It addresses you, the whole woman, your personal and professional sides. The course is offered every winter, spring and fall, and students take it together in cohorts of 10-12, over twelve weeks.

The Career Re-launch Course provides the instruction, inspiration and practical tools you need to launch successfully – all in a flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals. What began as a successful live course, is now available online!

Even the most accomplished women need guidance, encouragement and tools to navigate their return to the rapidly changing workplace. Whatever your situation and wherever you are on your journey, Prepare to Launch U is your roadmap to success. Don’t go it alone; let us be your guides.


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Is Prepare to Launch U right for U?

Let’s face it; if you’re visiting our site, you’ve given more than a passing thought to re-entering the workplace. Is this your first stop? Or are you gung-ho and ready to go? Whatever the case and wherever you are on the journey, Prepare to Launch U’s Career Re-launch Course is your roadmap to success.

Don’t go it alone. Even the most accomplished women need guidance, encouragement and tools to navigate their return to the rapidly changing workplace.

The Course

With three modules of videos, exercises, downloadable activities and tools, the Prepare to Launch U Career Re-launch Course fully prepares you to return to the workplace.

In Module I, you will uncover your values, strengths, skills and much more to learn Who You Are Now.

In Module II, you will begin to define Where You Are Going, and identify (and develop strategies to overcome) What is Getting In The Way.

Then, in Module III, you will  learn the skills (like networking, interviewing and negotiating), create the tools (like résumé, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch), and receive the emotional support and inspiration you need for your successful Relaunch!

And the best part? You can access it all in a fully flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals.

Testimonials for Prepare to Launch U

“Prepare to Launch U is the best self-investment I have made in years!  Susan and Kelley are a Dynamic Duo! They have great energy, business savvy, and a down to earth woman-to-woman approach to helping you reach your goals. The cohort is a great mix of women with varied work experience, from across the country, and at different stages of their lives. We are still connected even though the course ended! You are so lucky to have found Prepare to Launch U. You will be at your goals in a fraction of the time, just like I am!”

– Armanda T., Teaneck, NJ

“I found Prepare to Launch U from a Facebook ad. I'd been taking every free webinar on finding a job I came across, but Susan and Kelley were different. They approach their course with humor, humility and hearts of pure gold.They understand where we are and what we need in our journeys. They encourage us to mindfully explore, assess and focus on meaningful self care, while helping us set bold but realistic goals and pathways to finding employment. I feel much more confident now with a polished resume and LinkedIn profile which translates my immense volunteer work into marketable skills and experience. It was vital for me to find an ongoing supportive community and Susan, Kelley and my course cohort were all that and more.”

– Katie O., PhD, Silver Spring, MD

“I  was confident I could jump back into the workforce after 18 years out, but I soon learned that job hunting is completely different now than it was then, and I simply didn’t have the tools to navigate the new process on my own. Susan and Kelley provided me what I couldn’t provide myself: a career roadmap and a step-by-step process to guide me through. Over the years of caring for my children, I lost some of myself. But through the PTLU course cohort, I reclaimed it. My self-confidence returned and a new, better version of myself emerged. And that new version is in late-stage interviews for marketing positions I never dreamed I’d get!”

– Kim H., Charleston, SC

“The PTLU course has helped me shine a light on myself after 25 years of shining the light on my family; this was a bit uncomfortable at first, but very enlightening. Susan and Kelley have helped me identify and value the “work” I’ve done during my opt-out years and label it in a meaningful way. And the cohort has given me the structure and accountability I need, and a great group of women to bounce ideas off and share experiences with. Being part of the PTLU cohort transformed me and made me realize that I am not alone in this journey.”

– Martha M., Avon, CT

"Susan and Kelley gave me the push to think outside the box, the courage to reach out and network, and the accountability to follow through to ask for what I want and need. They taught me that my voice is important and needs to be heard. And it was. I recently accepted a new job in a new field, with a flexible schedule that meets my needs as a single mom."

– Betsy H., Simsbury, CT

“I completely underestimated the value of Prepare to Launch U by thinking it was simply a “course” and quickly learned that it was a journey!  On the journey, I had to answer tough questions and focus inward on my needs, wants and priorities. Evaluating my skills, strengths and weaknesses not only built my confidence, but empowered me to set big goals and go after them. In the process, I got to know the me outside of being mother and wife. Taking the course with other amazing women experiencing the same struggles as me was an added bonus; the support system and feedback were invaluable.  Kelley and Susan are architects, and with their combined experience, energy and drive, they’ve created a blueprint that took us from “A” to “Z” and left me with a new and profound sense of self and direction, and the confidence to believe anything is possible.”

– Kristen S., Glastonbury, CT

“Just weeks after completing the Prepare to Launch U course, I landed my first interview and got my first job offer for a great, but not perfect, job. Worried that the hiring manager was the only “boy who would ask me to prom,” I almost took it. Then I rewatched a few of the PTLU lessons and decided “HECK NO, I am not settling for this. I will take my time and find the right opportunity and the right fit!”  I am continuing my search, a whole lot wiser and smarter, and very grateful to Susan and Kelley for helping me. I would not have had the courage to say ‘no’ or to even begin navigate my way back to work after 18 years at home without PTLU!”

– Julynn S., Charlotte, NC

"Participating in the PTLU Cohort has been one of the absolute best decisions I’ve made for myself. With the comprehensive curriculum and the supportive camaraderie of the cohort, I learned to stop playing small both professionally and personally. I gained clarity about what I want along with effective tools to pursue and achieve my goals after many years at home raising my daughters. With my newfound voice and confidence, instead of fearing the job search and interview process, I feel well-prepared to and excited about it."

– Tina M., Seattle, WA

“The PTLU course was a catalyst for me in many ways. While I was well versed in job search techniques,, and hadn’t  been out for that long, the course provided me with key skills and insights delivered in a forum and context that stuck. Many of us who’ve opted out have lost confidence and courage (even though we are loathe to admit it) and have no clear vision of where we want to go, other than knowing that the status quo is not fulfilling. Kelley and Susan helped guide me to that clear vision; they bolstered my confidence, gave me useful strategies and tactics, and provided an amazing support system and treasure trove of invaluable knowledge. The weekly assignments and cohort calls instilled discipline and accountability throughout the process, and the lessons - particularly those on networking, resume-building and identifying job opportunities - were practical and engaging. PTLU is, hands down, the best money you will EVER spend, not just as part of your job search process, but on yourself and your own personal growth.”

– Silvia C., New York, NY

“I was struggling with updating my resume for about 4 years (off & on) and all of the online research I did just confused me. Then I found Prepare to Launch U. The mini-course was a great first step, but I wasn’t sure I could afford the full course. I know now that it was definitely worth the investment! We did weeks of important foundational work and it wasn’t until week 6 that we got into writing a resume - and to think that was where I was trying to start! I’m now in the middle of my search and I can see how well Susan and Kelley prepared me for the challenges of the networking, interviewing and negotiating that I’m doing. And it's been great having a cohort of other women on the same journey beside me and cheering me on!”

– Janet C., Little Rock, AR

“So many online return-to-work resources are outdated or lack substance, but Susan and Kelley are real pros. They know exactly what they're doing; they offer very sound advice and a step by step process that’s easy to follow. Their PTLU course was the answer to my prayers. With their help, I am entertaining excellent offers from two technology companies.”

– Diane G., Ashburn, VA

Prepare to Launch U
Students Learn Together

Returning to work can be a daunting process, that’s why we don’t let you go it alone. Instead, as a PTLU student you’ll be assigned to a course cohort of other re-launchers taking the journey with you. Together, you will take the course with us in ten manageable chunks over ten defined weeks. Each Friday, we will connect via live video chat to review what was learned, answer your questions, and keep you motivated and on track.

Our students rave about the cohort experience. They love how it keeps them engaged, accountable and energized every step of the way. They meet likeminded people and develop friendships – many of which continue long after the twelve weeks.

The Prepare to Launch U Career Re-launch Course is offered three times per year, Winter, Spring and Fall, by application.

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This introductory course is a great way to begin preparing for your back-to-work journey – and to test US out as your guides. In just five short video segments (1 hour total time) you will learn the Three Essential Tips for returning to work.

What do you get?

Instruction on the 3 Essential Tips For Returning To Work
5 Videos and 3 Downloadable Exercises

+ (for a limited time) a 1:1 Coaching Call with Kelley & Susan

The perfect introduction to our full Career Re-launch Course, our starter course will help you begin shaping your career vision, identify and understand your valuable experience, and start building your professional network. Join us and get started today!

Let Us Be Your Guides!

We have spent a combined 30 years helping women return to work after career breaks – and we’ve been those women, too!

By enrolling in Prepare to Launch U, you benefit from our decades of research and experience, and our conviction that EVERY woman can re-launch her career successfully – if she puts in the work.

But knowing what ‘work’ to do, is the challenge. It’s a lot more than just dusting off an old resumé and posting it online.

We know what you need to do and we have “teed it all up” for you in our course. Prepare to Launch U is a one-stop source of all the training, tools and inspiration you need for a successful career re-launch.

Stop thinking about getting back to work and start doing it. Join Us Today!