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The Prepare to Launch U Program

Prepare To Launch U is a complete online course designed to guide you through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce after opting out to care for family.

We provide the instruction, inspiration and practical tools you need to launch successfully – all in a flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals. What began as a successful live course, is now available online!

Even the most accomplished women need guidance, encouragement and tools to navigate their return to the rapidly changing workplace. Whatever your situation and wherever you are on your journey, Prepare to Launch U is your roadmap to success. Don’t go it alone; let us be your guides.


The Course

With three modules of videos, exercises, downloadable activities and tools, the Prepare to Launch U course fully prepares you to return to the workplace.

In Module I, you will uncover your values, strengths, skills and much more to learn Who You Are Now.

In Module II, you will begin to define Where You Are Going, and identify (and develop strategies to overcome) What is Getting In The Way.

Then, in Module III, you will  learn the skills (like networking, interviewing and negotiating), create the tools (like résumé, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch), and receive the emotional support and inspiration you need for your successful Relaunch!

And the best part? You can access it all in a fully flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals – and it’s yours to keep for a full year.

The LaunchPad

We’ve created our own online social network of Prepare to Launch U students eager to meet and ready to help each other out. Find friends, send messages, ask questions in the forums, and create networking and support groups right on our website.

You’ll find an exclusive chat group for each module of the course, making it easy to collaborate with others who are working on the same lessons as you – and to keep each other motivated and accountable.

Everyone on the LaunchPad is on a journey like yours. Let’s travel together!


New for 2019: Take the Course with us!

Students, you have spoken and we have listened: You love our course, but you want more connection with other students, and you want more access to us.

So, we bring you the Prepare To Launch U Course Cohort. In this new model, you will take the course with us in ten manageable chunks over ten defined weeks. Every Friday, we will connect via live video chat* to review what was learned, answer your questions, and keep you motivated and on track.

Our first cohort students have benefitted both professionally and personally from taking the course with others and with us. They’ve stayed engaged, accountable and energized every step of the way! You can, too, by enrolling in our second course cohort which will run Monday, March 25th – Friday, May 31st. We look forward to meeting you!

*Video chats will be offered at multiple times to fit students’ schedules. All chats will be recorded and available online for students in the cohort.

Enrollment Features

Students of Prepare to Launch U have access to the course for one full year. It includes:

  • 33 essential, dynamic and highly engaging video lessons and exercises

  • 50 companion workbook/downloadable activity pages and templates

  • membership in the LaunchPad, our proprietary social network of other fellow students and re-launchers

  • access to Kelley and Susan via group or individual video chat, as part of the Cohort (Options II or III)

Enrollment Options

We all have different learning styles and preferences, so Prepare to Launch U is offered in three unique ways.
Pick the one that’s best for you!

For the Woman Who Wants to Go It Alone

Option I

Full Course
the LaunchPad


One Payment

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Three Installments of $133.00

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For the Woman Who Wants a Schedule and Some Company

Option II Cohort

All Option I Features
+10 Weekly Group Webinars with Susan & Kelley


One Payment

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Three Installments of $166.66

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For the Woman Who Wants Personalized VIP Service

Option III Cohort

All Option II Features
+ 2 private coaching calls with Susan & Kelley


One Payment

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Three Installments of $199.66

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Not sure if you’re ready yet? Want to try us out?

Mini Course $49.00


This introductory course is a great way to begin preparing for your back-to-work journey – and to test US out as your guides. In just five short video segments (1 hour total time) you will learn the Three Essential Tips for returning to work.

What do you get?

Instruction on the 3 Essential Tips For Returning To Work
5 Videos and 3 Downloadable Exercises

A 1:1 Coaching Call with Kelley & Susan

+ a $100 coupon off the cost of the full course!

The perfect introduction to our full Prepare to Launch U program, our mini-course will help you begin shaping your career vision, identify and understand your valuable experience, and start building your professional network. Join us and get started today!


Let Us Be Your Guides!

We have spent a combined 30 years helping women return to work after career breaks – and we’ve been those women, too!

By enrolling in Prepare to Launch U, you benefit from our decades of research and experience, and our conviction that EVERY woman can re-launch her career successfully – if she puts in the work.

But knowing what ‘work’ to do, is the challenge. It’s a lot more than just dusting off an old resumé and posting it online.

We know what you need to do and we have “teed it all up” for you in our course. Prepare to Launch U is a one-stop source of all the training, tools and inspiration you need for a successful career re-launch.

Stop thinking about getting back to work and start doing it. Join Us Today!