Resumé RebootCamp

The PTLU Resumé RebootCamp

Is it time to update or re-create your resumé?
Unsure how to write it so it gets noticed?
Frustrated by all the competing “advice” you’re hearing and reading?

We get it. And we’ve got you covered.

Kelley Biskupiak and Susan Rietano Davey

Whether you’re looking to move to a new company, pivot to a different industry, or rebrand yourself entirely, success starts with having a compelling resumé that opens doors.

You have a unique and important story to tell – and no one can tell it better than you. But putting it down on paper, concisely and persuasively, can be daunting:

  • how many years back should you go?
  • what skills/experiences will you highlight – and how?
  • what key words will you incorporate?
  • how will you explain your transferable skills?
  • what’s the best way to account for job hops or gaps?
  • what format and graphics will you use?
  • which fonts? how many pages? should you customize?

The list goes on.
And these aren’t even the most important questions!

If you want or need to create a new resumé, one that gets you in the door so you can show your amazing “stuff”, then you’re going to need some help.And that’s where we come in.

We invite you to join us and a small cohort of women to get
Resumé-Ready in our 3-Part Resumé RebootCamp!

Step 1: To write a good resumé you need to know your brand and your audience. We kick our RebootCamp off with a fun, informative live webinar where, through engaging conversation and proprietary workbook exercises, we’ll ensure that you know yours.

Step 2: On your own time, using your personalized PTLU workbook, step by step video instruction, and our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, customizable resumé templates, you’ll create your best-ever resumé PLUS cover letter.

Step 3: We’ll regroup in a second live webinar to answer your questions, showcase some ‘best in class’ resumés, and make sure you and yours are ready to go to work!

Sure, you could write your resumé without any help, but our research suggests it won’t be a very good one.

You could hire someone to write your resumé for you, but that will run you $500 or more, and you still won’t know how to write one yourself.

Or you could put our combined 30 years of experience guiding women through the job-search process to work for you – and create a professional, door-opening resumé that tells your compelling story in your voice and a beautiful, current format.

Our three-part program typically costs $239, but we are offering it for $79 during the current health and economic crisis.

Our Resumé RebootCamp is just what you need, and we hope you’ll join us!
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Susan and Kelley

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