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Speaking & Training Engagements

Prepare to Launch U co-founders and owners, Susan Rietano Davey and Kelley Biskupiak, are gifted communicators who inspire and educate audiences across platforms (print, video, live) and across industries, age ranges and demographics.

Their workshops and speaking engagements draw rave reviews from audiences who appreciate their breadth of knowledge, their complementary perspectives, and their lively, engaging presence.

What We Do

Susan and Kelley have been wowing audiences as keynote speakers, panelists and seminar/workshop leaders for a combined three decades on a range of topics including:

For General Audiences

Planning and Executing a Successful Family Leave
Multiple Generations at Work
Creating a Flexible Workplace | Managing a Flexible Workforce
Creating Sustainable Work-Life Synergy
Mastering Mindsets for Success
Encore Careers and Career Pivots

Specifically For Women

Negotiating 101 for Women
Opting Back In To Work (for returners)
Maternity Leave: Plan It So You Can Enjoy It
Leveraging Female Leadership In The Workplace
Branding and Self-Promotion

Company leaders, journalists and conference planners trust Susan and Kelley to educate and inspire their audiences.

The two have been featured guests on, contributors to, and/or invited speakers at: